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Phoebe Chui  




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Phoebe graduated from the Wichita State University, Kansas, USA, with a first degree in Biochemistry.  After graduation, Phoebe was promptly recruited by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to join their Department of Biochemistry where she was a technician responsible for multiple projects in molecular cloning.  Phoebe’s main area of research was to extract and identify certain proteins from model animals and conduct analysis thereon with the use of various molecular biology techniques or equipment including HPLC columns, SDS-PAGE and spectrophotometer.

Phoebe then had a switch of gear and wanted to pursue a career in the legal field and intellectual property law. Her areas of specialty include prosecution of both patent and trademark applications in China and elsewhere.  Phoebe is also responsible for overseeing and managing relatively large IP portfolios for clients.  Apart from intellectual property and patent matters, Phoebe also handles litigious matters including trade mark infringement, passing off, infringement of copyright and design rights and domain name registrations dispute.  One of her responsibilities is policing against infringers in Hong Kong including attacking shadow companies, those Hong Kong companies which incorporate themselves with famous trademarks and trade names in their company names.

Principal Area of Practice:

Intellectual and Industrial Property


Domain Name



Solicitor, Hong Kong