RBJL have a very strong reputation in litigation. Indeed over the years we have represented clients at various levels of Courts ranging from the District Court all the way up to the Court of Final Appeal, our final appellate court. We represent both overseas and local clients in relation to a wide range of disputes, in particular, intellectual property infringement, breach of duty of confidence, duty of fidelity and restrictive covenants by ex-employees, shareholders disputes, sale of goods disputes, probate disputes and personal injuries, in Hong Kong as well as in the People’s Republic of China. 

Our practice areas include:-

  • Administrative laws - judicial reviews
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution - arbitration and mediation
  • Commercial - shareholders disputes, protection of minority shareholders, breach of directors’ duties, breach of guarantee, breach of fiduciary duties, trust disputes, misappropriation of clients’ funds, winding up of companies on just and equitable ground, receiverships, company liquidations, bankruptcies, sale of goods disputes, agency disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Debt action - recovery of debts
  • Employer/employee disputes - misappropriation of ex-employer’s confidential information and breach of restrictive covenants, including misappropriating ex-employer’s property, soliciting business from ex-employer’s customers, enticing ex-employers’ employees to join departing employee’s business
  • Enforcement - enforcement of judgments and orders in Hong Kong and overseas, contempt proceedings, writ of fieri facias, charging orders, orders for sale, garnishee orders, prohibition orders, examination of debtors
  • Intellectual property - infringement of trade marks, passing off, registered designs, patents, trade secrets, copyright, breach of restrictive covenants, breach of confidence
  • Interim reliefs - interim preservation of assets, including applying for Mareva injunctions, Anton Piller injunctions and Norwich Pharmacal orders
  • Personal injuries - employees’ compensation, dental/medical negligence, death inquest and other personal injuries actions
  • Probate disputes - probate and assets distribution disputes including obtaining forensic expert evidence to challenge the authenticity of wills
  • Property - property and tenancy disputes, adverse possession, recovery of land, breach of Deed of Mutual Covenant, appeals to Lands Tribunal