Advice on employment issues has hitherto been one of the most needed services of our clients. RBJL have represented clients in various sectors, including international financial service companies, private hospitals, industrialists and schools. Likewise, we have also represented employees to secure their rights and entitlement under their employment contracts as well as under the Employment Ordinance. Our services include:-

  • Claims against ex-employees for misappropriation of employer’s property, breach of confidence, breach of duty of fidelity, breach of restrictive covenants for soliciting business from customers of employers, enticing employees of employer to join ex-employee’s business
  • Employment contracts and handbooks
  • Employees’ compensation claims
  • Data privacy protection
  • Discrimination claims based on disability, family status, sex and race, including Equal Opportunities Commission investigation and mediation
  • Restructuring of organisations, including devising strategies for termination of employment and re-deployment
  • Termination of employment, including claims for unfair and wrongful dismissal